At Pure Organic Medicinals we Apply the Scientific Method and sound Engineering principles.

Cultivation is a process.  

Each individual of our team understands this process.  This Knowledge comes from years of applying Best Practices in their relationship with Cannabis.

Much of our team has enjoyed great careers in business and technology out side of the Cannabis Industry.  This diverse experience brings immense knowledge to the peripheral aspects of the emerging Cannabis industry in Sonoma County.

Quality, Engineering, Regulatory, Clinical studies, Packaging, Science, Research & Development and Management service.

Pure Organic Medicinals exploits our experience to grow a "Best in Class" Cannabis business system.

We use our engineering skill sets to develop the most efficient cultivating process and improve it!  This, guided by a quality system similar to that used in the automotive and biomedical industries.  

We state our goal and use our quality system to document and show that we meet and exceed what we set out to do.

Our aim is to build a business that operates like a world class medical device manufacturing company.  

Clean, organized, documented, efficient and consistent.


We work to be the "Best in Class" benchmark for others to learn from and

aspire to be like.

Yes, Pure Organic Medicinals grows Cannabis.

Pure Organic Medicinals is a solutions based business.

We can help you accomplish your Cannabis business dreams!